Month: December 2017

Top Suitcases I Reviewed

Are you traveling soon and planning to buy a new suitcase? This can be a daunting task to figure out the perfect luggage that will suit your requirements. There are so many brands out there on the market that come in various sizes, features, looks, and weights. In fact, I personally had a tough time to finally decide that this is the luggage I would buy.

Actually, it depends on your preferences when it comes to carrying a travel suitcase. Say, for example, some people find it very difficult to carry a bag while walking across the airport. At the same time, some people are more particular about the dents that the suitcase may get. Thus, depending on your priorities, you must choose a suitcase.

Here are some of the suitcases that can be a great choice for traveling. All these can be easily bought online:

  • If you want a soft case luggage, then go for Travelpro Maxlite which is quite sturdy but light weighted. You can find them in a wide range of sizes. Pilots and flight attendants are often seen carrying such type of luggage.
  • You can also opt for a set of 5 cases from Merax which are quite affordable. In fact, its cost is lesser than single suitcases of other brands. What makes it tempting is that it has got impressive consumer ratings. The set comprises of duffel bags and suitcases with wheels which can be expanded as per your requirements.
  • Another super durable luggage is the Samsonite Omni which is very light weighted and travel-friendly. There are available in various sizes so you can buy according to what fits your needs.
  • If you want to buy a hard side suitcase, then go for the Delsey Helium Aero Expandable Luggage Trolley which does not need to be dragged. These have an option for expanding too.

Best Places to Visit in the Scottish Highlands

Are you planning a holiday in the beautiful Scottish Highlands? Then you’re in for a visual treat. Get ready to see some of the world’s most natural, pristine and beautiful locations replete with mountains, miles and miles of lush greenery, tucked away ancient woods, rivers and glens and lochs.

There is plenty to see here and experience. Given below are a few of thelovely locales to visit in the Scottish Highlands.

  • The City of Inverness: This is one of the most popular and must-see destinations. There is the fairy-tale-like castle, the lush, scenic grounds, Inverness art gallery and museum, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Abertarff House for the art enthusiasts and history buffs. Something for everyone.
  • Cawdor Castle:Shakespeare lovers will love it here. It is a beautiful place with Shakespearean literature, fine period furniture, ancient hawthorn tree reeking of mystery, and beautiful gardens.
  • Loch Maree: Scottish lochs are by far the most beautiful that one can ever feast their eyes on. The Loch Maree is a testimony of this. The deep Pleistocene valley, Victoria falls is a veritable haven for nature lovers. And not to mention the picturesque village of Gairloch and its heritage museum.
  • Loch Assynt and Ardvreck Castle: North of the Ullapool is the Loch Assynt and the Ardvreck castle, and the ChualAluinn Falls having the reputation of being Britain’s highest waterfalls.
  • Dunrobin Castle: This castle is a testimony of the affluence of the dukes of Sutherland. The conical corner towers and slate roofs give it a fairy tale touch and reminds us of the Loire Valley chateaux in France.
  • The Orkney Isles: The Skara brae Prehistoric village, Maes Howe Chambered Cairn give the Orkneys a pre-historic touch. The Isles by itself is very scenic and quite popular among nature lovers, bird watchers, walkers and hikers.

There are many more beautiful locations in Scotland. It is a feast to the eyes. And if you are wondering as to how to travel in Scotland, may we suggest campervans and here is the best campervan hire in Scotland that can help you travel in ease, and comfort.