About Us

Chara-Vacances is a blog site about traveling and camping. We offer information, tips, tricks, warnings, best places to go, where not to go, etc. No matter where you are traveling or how you will be camping, we have some cool stuff to share. You will find interesting and very helpful hacks and tips for your travels. You will also find great advice on safety and which places are the best to visit.

James Ryder is the founder of this blog and a very well-traveled man. He still travels the world and shares his experiences and tips as he goes. He probably has the best job in the world. He started Chara-Vacances about 6 years ago. Obviously, he started traveling long before that, so he is sharing his experiences and the lessons he learned from long ago and comparing it to how things are today.

This blog will entertain you while it educates and prepares you for your travels and camping trips. You will love the stories and pictures and you will be very grateful for the tips and hacks.

If you are planning a trip or thinking about planning a trip, have a read through this site. You will find surprising treasures that will make things on your travels a lot easier and safer. Enjoy the trip through Chara-Vacances!