Boston memories!

We all have had memories that revisit every once in a while. Photos are the sole reasons for it. Similarly, every monument or place has its own memory and it’s been revisited by its fans who crave to see it live long.

One such place and memory are the Fenway Park, which has been there since 1912 and has the charm even till date. There are many places in Boston, which can be mesmerising than this one.

But, to the wonder, many people love sitting here and exploring the art piece, even though if they don’t love the game. Nobody comes out of Fenway Park without few random or aimed clicks.

Though there are many renovations works under progress, nobody shuns down this piece of artwork, which is majestically stood at the heart of the location. The park has seen many games and events, but many people come to watch games only because the place is Fenway!

There are many amazing photos from the Fenway Park, which stands huge, boasting its huge capacity amidst such beautiful city. It not only talks about the love for sports among the localities, but the love for monuments and historically significant places have respect among the public.

The evening lights, the match that runs with all tensions, the night light that fills the stadium to near exhausted and the players whose sweat shine like pearls even in the dusk. Fenway Park has the charm and glory that will never wade away. All you need is a wide angle lens and telephoto, to cover the image well and the quality to be good.

You can visit Fenway during events and game matches. For some photoshoot session, you may visit at any time around the year, as the park is open all around, for the most happening events and games.

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