When it comes to soccer your shoes or soccer cleats matter more because it is game that is played by feet. So choosing the right pair of soccer cleats should not be taken lightly. Whether you are a casual player or playing for your soccer team or an aspiring player, investing in a good pair of cleats that are ideal for playing soccer can make a huge difference to your game.

Types of soccer cleats

Though soccer cleats may all look the same, they work differently depending on the surface that you will be playing on. Here are the different types of soccer cleats.

  1. FG or Firm ground

Suitable for most playing field types and weather conditions but is best for playing on natural grass.

  1. SG or Soft ground

These have detachable and size-variable studs. They are suitable for soft, penetrable fields like wet fields and soft grass fields.

  1. AG or Artificial ground

These cleats are specifically made for artificial turfs and provide good traction.

  1. HG or Hard ground

Choose these for artificial as well as hard natural surfaces as they come with a number of short studs.

  1. IN or Indoor

These have flat bottoms and are generally light weight for indoor courts.


How to choose the right pair of soccer cleats?

Here is our quick guide to help you choose the right pair of soccer cleats for your needs.

  • Fit – Find the right size for a proper fit.
  • Game Position – Defensive players need more protection while goalkeepers need more traction. Midfielders, wingers and forwards light shoes with control.
  • Material – Natural leather gives a good feel while synthetic leathers are waterproof. Synthetic materials are light and thinner for more comfort.
  • Budget – Lastly, choose one that fits your pocket