There are so many different products like air tools and air compressors in the automotive market. Moreover, there are so many different brands that manufacture these products. It is almost like selecting a smartphone with so many new brands showing every day. You have to select the best brand out of all. So, if you are looking at which brand to buy for portable air compressor for your car, this is a guide with the top companies that manufacture air compressors.

  1. Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors

This is one of the best and largest manufacturer for all air tools including lifting tools, air tools, air compressors, etc. the company is famous for the superior make of air compressors that are of industry grade. They specialize in various sizes, and types of compressors including rotary screw compressors & reciprocating piston compressors for various purposes. Almost all the products purchased from this company are suitable for customers who buy them so it goes well with them.

  1. Campbell Hausfeld Compressors

This is one of the oldest companies manufacturing compressors of all types including air tools, pressure washers, paint spraying products, Consumer air compressors, tire inflaters, and even for welding purposes. The company has been into this line of product manufacturing for nearly two centuries as the company has been there for almost 175 + years. There is no need to check out other brands or products as the company has a large range of products in this line.

  1. Makita Air Tools

This is one of the top companies that produces consumer grade safe & reliable air compressor models. Customers generally go fro the product for the durability of the Makita air tools that use innovative technology. So, they do not worry about the high cost price of these products as they are so durable that over a long period of time, it works great and no need to replace. It is customer – friendly as there are DIY (do it yourself) as well as models that professionals can also use.

  1. Hitachi

This is a reputed top brand all over the world as does not require any introduction. They deal in a line of various products and produces some of the top Horsepower air compressor models – Hitachi EC12. The company stands on top of the markets in several lines of products and this specific model features cast iron sleeve, clustered gauges, aluminum pump with 4.1 CFM. There are models produced by this company that give oil – less air or air free of contaminants. There are even industrial products as well as consumer products and they are highly efficient & do not require much maintenance as what the company says.

  1. Rol – Air

This is one of dedicated to best products air compressors for consumers according to Customers buy as they manufacture the best brands. The line of products that Rolair company makes include electric compressors, gas compressors, accessories of air compressors and best air compressors as well as storage tanks. Some more examples include portable air compressors, direct drive, stationary belt drive, oil – free or oil less, and even other models.