If you are an American with a valid passport, there are many countries you can travel to, without any visa. But Vietnam is not one of them. This is one country that makes sure their travellers are in possession of a valid visa. Whether you are travelling for work or personal trip, you will still need a valid visa.

How can one get a visa for Vietnam?

Vietnam visa for Americans can be procured in different ways. One of the simplest and most practical ways is to get a visa on arrival. Some of its relevant details are as forward:

  • It is legal and valid way to get a visa
  • It takes just about 1-2 days for the process to get completed.
  • You need not carry a long list of documents with you, a valid passport however is mandatory.
  • The cost of this version of visa is much lower. Additionally you can also get a 100% refund in case if your visa request gets cancelled.
  • You can pay using PayPal, Western Union Money transfer; pay online or even cash payments are accepted.
  • They have round the clock assistance for travellers arriving at any time of the day.

However, there is one factor that is important is that you require to have a valid approval to get a visa on arrival. There are many travellers who are unaware of this one detail and are shocked when they are not allowed to board a plane without a valid approval.

How to get an approval?

The process is simple; you get the visa assistance and fill out a form. The next step is to pay the visa services fees. Having done that, you will be given an approval which will be your validation before entering the plane.

You can also get a visa beforehand. But the process is longer, costs much more and is also not refundable under any circumstances.