Life-Saving Tips you need to know when traveling

Travelling can be very challenging and confusing, especially if you are a first-time traveler. Here are some life-saving tips that can help your travel be more fun and less stressful.


Packing is one place where everyone makes the most number of mistakes. The best way to pack efficiently is to make a list of all the things you would need. Talk to people around you, refer checklists online and come up with things you will need.

Next, prioritize them. Many times our lists tend to have things we may not even use on the trip. Though packing for contingencies is a smart move, one cannot take 10 pairs of shoes, anticipating shoe bites or them ripping apart.

Once you have them prioritized, mark the quantity required in each. When you write it done, it makes it easier to reduce the quantities and eliminate things you don’t require. When you just pack on the go, you tend to put in everything you use on a daily basis and think you may need once you reach your destination.

Now that you know what all you need and how much of each, take a day to sit and analyze the list. Remove all that you won’t require or can get spares for in the place you are visiting. This way, you will be carrying only things you are bound to use. Reduce the weight you will be carrying with you.


Not knowing how much you are ready to spend on the trip is another big mistake.

Sit down with family, or friends or whoever you are going with and come up with a total budget for the trip. This cannot be a random number you need to put in at least a little research to know the cost of living of the place you are visiting. This will prepare you for what to expect monetarily.

Now you can start searching for places to stay at, eat at, visit, etc, with the budget in mind. For those who are wondering how to travel for free, you can go camping or trekking. This way you can save on your stay and with a little effort and planning, you can bring down your travel cost to a minimum too.

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