Chara-Vacances updates these reviews regularly. At any given time, the reviews on this page are of recently visited or favorite places. James Ryder travels a lot and to many places. He writes a review every time he leaves a new place. Keep an eye on this page to make sure you know the best places to travel to or to go camping. You will also find some bad reviews of places that you really should avoid.

Out in the Wild Camping Site – Colorado

Great camping site. The spots for setting up tents are spacious and you have a lot of privacy as sites are not too close together. For those who don’t want to completely rough it, the site has ablution facilities in 3 areas. The surroundings are beautiful and the river is great for fishing or boating. It is an ideal option for a weekend family outing.


Cuba is one of the places that everyone has to visit at least once in their life. The culture, the people, the vibe, the food – it’s all amazing. I have visited hundreds of countries and cities and Cuba remains one of my favorites. Anytime I get the opportunity, I go back there just to feel what it truly is to be alive.

Elite Lodge – Bali

This is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I would absolutely suggest that people have their honeymoon here instead of Hawaii or Thailand. It is peaceful, awe-inspiring, and just so relaxing. The people are all amazing and kind. The food is surprisingly delicious. I am already planning a trip to go back there as soon as I can.